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An easy solution for populating WordPress websites using Chat GPT

Easy GPT Content — A very simple plugin for mass article generation on WordPress using Chat GPT. A great assistant for content creation.
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Easy interface
Very easy interface, which is instantly understandable. There is nothing superfluous.
SEO-optimized content and different languages
The meta tags for each article are automatically filled in: Title, Description, H1, H2 and H3. Generate articles in any languages that Chat GPT supports.
Best quality
The plugin solves classic problems that analogs have. Articles do not break and are always written to the end. At first the plugin was developed for myself, then it went on sale.
Fast and friendly support
You can always ask our experts for help with plugin configuration.
Unlimited generation
You can generate any number of articles at a time for the desired keyword phrases.
Flexible settings
Support for custom record types and any attributes, ability to select category and status for published results.

The website market is has already changed!

Successful players use automation tools like the Easy GPT Content plugin. Today’s trend is article writing automation, high-speed content production and cost reduction. Enhance your efficiency in the new market that has already changed.

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How it works?

1. Enter the key phrases for article writing and start the generation process.

You can input any number of lines with keywords and get a lot articles at once. Additionally, you can upload images for the articles.

2. Await article generation.

The plugin generates not only the article itself but also meta tags: Title, Description, H1, H2, and H3. The meta tags are filled automatically.

3. Receive ready-to-use SEO-optimized articles that can be edited before publication.
4. Click Publish, and you’re done!