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Detailed instructions for using the plugin

1. Plugin configuration

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Go to the settings page. Insert your API key into the API field. You can get it here. Use a VPN for login if the site is not accessible in your country. To register for OpenAI, you’ll need to receive an SMS on your phone number. If Chat GPT is unavailable in your country, then you can purchase a number on or any other similar service. I’ll add something important: There’s no need to pay for a premium account. The API is not connected to the premium account.


On this page, you need to generate a new API key.


Next, you need to link your bank card; this is mandatory. Payment will be automatically deducted once a month. If you don’t have a card suitable for ChatGPT, you can buy or rent an international card from relevant online services. Regular virtual cards might not always work; you need to acquire or rent a card specifically suitable for ChatGPT. We recommend using the trusted service for virtual card rental. In this application, you need to create a virtual Mastercard. When linking the card to the OpenAI API, you need to specify the address of the country associated with the card. Use Bin checkers to determine the card’s issuing country. You can top up the card balance using the Binance exchange. Your card must have a monetary balance to link it to the OpenAI API. Without linking a card on the OpenAI site, the plugin will not function. In this case, API requests from your site will be declined. Therefore, it is mandatory to link a card for the plugin to work. As for the cost, the average price per article will be around $0.03, for GPT-3.5 version. If you choose to use GPT-4, articles will be more expensive. The detailed method for calculating the article’s cost is described in our FAQ.

Now let’s return to the plugin settings. Proxy settings are not required. You only needed to provide your API key. Next, you need to select a model. If you’re unsure about the model, we recommend starting with GPT-3.5 turbo 4k. Details about these models and which one to choose can be found in our FAQ. You can keep the model temperature unchanged; 0.5 is the optimal setting. Detailed information can also be found on the FAQ page. Regarding setting a requests-per-minute limit, we recommend keeping the value at 3 for this setting if you’ve just created an account. You will be able to set a higher number of requests per minute after your first payment on the Open AI website. Detailed information about the limits is provided here. You can find the current limits available on your account on this page .

And one more crucial point!

1. Before generating content, you must have the Yoast SEO plugin installed. Without it, the Title and Description fields will not be filled.

2. Your hosting or server should have PHP version 7.4+. The plugin will not work without this.

3. One API key works across any number of websites. This means you don’t need to generate a unique API key for each website.

2. Start content generation

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Go to the content generation tab. One line represents one article. As you can see, a single article can contain multiple key phrases or more. Write down the necessary key phrases from which the article will be generated. Keep in mind that one line with key phrases corresponds to one article. Line breaks can be used to include more keywords. However, line breaks should occur naturally without pressing Enter. If you press Enter, that will create a new line for writing keys for a different article. The total number of articles is indicated in the bottom left corner with a small digit.

Additionally, you can upload images for articles. If you want to make the images unique, consider using a watermark. To achieve this, install the Image Watermark plugin. With this plugin, watermarks will be applied to the images uploaded in the articles.

Below the key phrase fields, you can see templates. Articles are generated based on these templates. To start, we recommend selecting the ‘Simple Article’ template. Later, you can test other templates as well. You can also edit existing templates and create new ones. However, for starters, we recommend generating content with basic templates.

After writing the key phrases and uploading images, you can initiate the generation process. Generation also works without images.

3. Waiting for generation

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After the process is initiated, all that’s left for you to do is wait while the AI generates the content. If you’ve entered, for example, 30, 50, or 100 lines of key phrases, then it’s possible that the articles will take several hours to generate. The generation speed might vary.

Can you close the tab during article generation?

If you have a new website with no visitors, it’s best not to close the tab until the generation is complete. However, you can navigate away from the tab. In all other cases, generation occurs in the background using the standard WP Cron tools.

If you’ve closed the page with the task in progress, you can always find it in the History tab. Simply hover your mouse over the relevant task and click Details.

4. Publication of finished content

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After the content is generated, you can edit it before publication. You can edit the Title, description, and the content of the posts themselves. Afterward, you select the appropriate category, post type, and click publish.

In the end, you’ll have fully prepared articles. Wishing you success!

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If you have any questions, you can always ask them in our Telegram support chat.