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User Agreement

  1. We prohibit our customers from distributing digital license keys of our products to third parties. The keys are issued by the system for individual use only.
  2. Customers of our online store automatically agree to this policy before making a purchase.
  3. We reserve the right to change the user agreement at any time.

Privacy Policy

  1. When purchasing our digital products, customers provide their email addresses. We use this information to send license keys and download links for the files. Additionally, we may use customers’ email addresses to send updates and news. We do not disclose this information to third parties.
  2. Our website stores cookies and IP addresses of users. We do not disclose this information to third parties.

Non-Refund Policy

Cancellation of a purchase after payment is not possible since our customers receive a unique digital license key. Refunds for the key are not allowed. Replacement of the key is possible only if it does not work due to technical reasons.